Monteverde Smoke Noir on Midori MD


Monteverde Smoke Noir is a medium grey ink. When it is wet, it looks black and turns lighter when it dries. The ink is darker than I expected and not really the colour I think of when I think of smoke. I guess that’s why there’s a “Noir” in the name.

There is little shading in this ink and it is not noticeable unless you really look for it. I also experience nib creep with this ink, but as it doesn’t affect the writing experience, I’m not too bothered with it. I feel this is a neutral colour that works well for professional settings and all kinds of drawing. Among all the inks, this ink had the most hard start problems, but once it started flowing, it flows very wet. It is not a problem with the pen as there are no such issues with other inks, only this ink.

Writing Sample

This is written with a TWSBI ECO-T medium nib.

A page of writing and a fountain pen
Writing in Monteverde Smoke Noir
Marco photo of writing

Disclaimer: This ink was purchased by me and all opinions/photos are my own. This post was not sponsored.



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