Monteverde Jade Noir on Midori MD


Monteverde Jade Noir is a dark green ink with shading. Although there are jade with such dark green shades, they are not common as jewellery pieces. At least not in my part of the world. Therefore this is not a colour I normally associate with jade.

Green is not a beloved colour, reminding me too much of disgust-filled childhood memories of eating vegetables. However I’m happy that I decided to buy this ink. It is so dark that it looks almost black at glance, then you take another look and realise there is a bit of colour to it. This is an ink that will won’t attract too much attention in professional settings. The shade of green makes me think of dark, rainy ancient forests, or moss-covered old statues, or deep pools overgrown with algae.

Writing Sample

This is written with a TWSBI ECO-T medium nib.

Disclaimer: This ink was purchased by me and all opinions/photos are my own. This post was not sponsored.



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