My notebook setup for 2021

At the beginning of this year, I bought a Traveler’s Company Traveler’s Notebook in passport size. At that time, I didn’t have high hopes. I haven’t used a notebook since I left school and the thought of using one frequently, much less carrying around with me, would be something that stick.

But stick it did.

My 2021 setup

Now at the end of the year, I am been thinking about how I want to use it for next year. The current setup worked well for what I wanted to do. If not broken, don’t try to fix it, eh?

My setup for 2021 consist of 3 main categories:

  1. Logbook for noting down what happened that day. I bought a few different formats to try out in 2021: grid, blank and dot grid.
  2. Monthly planner. I’ve have been using the undated monthly planner and I decided to replace it with the 2021 dated monthly planner.
  3. Scratch pad for jotting down bits of information that do not fall in the first two. This has to be blank because I will also doodle.

One new thing I wanted to start in 2021 is to keep a diary. I’ve sort of been doing it using the logbook but I wanted to try keeping a proper diary. So I bought a MD Notebook Journal Codex 1 Day 1 Page to use in 2021. There’s 368 pages in the book so it will really force me to think of something to write everyday.

The cover of the codex is made of plain card stock and will patina with use and age. While the idea is appealing, I also like things looking (fairly) new while using them. So I bought a clear plastic cover to protect it. It can age and patina quietly in storage when 2021 is over.

There is a small booklet that comes with the codex. It talks about the making of and types of Midori notebooks. I think it is done well.





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