Notebooks from Singaporean brands

While browsing through the stationery section in shops, I came across some local stationary brands that are new to me. So like any curious fountain pen user, I bought some notebooks to try out.

A6 notebooks from wheniwasfour

A6 notebooks from wheniwasfour

First up are the cute notebooks from wheniwasfour.

I bought these A6 notebooks from Tokyu Hands for S$6.50 each. I love the cute covers and and bought more than I need. The Sumoburo series is super cute.

Inside are 96 pages (or 48 if you only write on one side) of 80gsm blank paper. The paper is not totally white and contained a few specks of black sprinkled throughout the page. In light inks, you can still see the black specks showing up in the writing. This makes the writing look spotty and irritates me. So I will only use darker inks with this notebook.

Comparison of writing with different pens on notebook paper

Despite not being meant for fountain pen use, it holds up pretty well. There is a little feathering.There is a bit of bleedthrough in medium nibs so I will keep to EF or F nibs for this notebook. There is also a little bleedthrough from the 0.7mm Pilot Juice gel pen.

I got these notebooks from Tokyo Hands months ago so I’m not sure if the outlets still stock them. The notebooks are also available on wheniwasfour website, where they also sell other non-stationery items like apparels, bags or house decor.

footnotes from Labrador Publishing House

footnotes notebooks from Labrador Publishing House

footnotes are a range of fountain pen friendly A6 notebooks made by Labrador Publishing House. Besides the minimalist-looking series of What’s a Little Rain and It is Only After Noon, there is also the very colourful and nostalgic cover of A Very Curious Cabinet.

Inside cover of footnotes notebook

I bought It is Only After Noon which was sold in a pack of 3 for S$12.90 at Overjoyed. Inside are 96 pages (or 48 if you only write on one side) of 100gsm blank paper. Inside the front cover, it is indicated as being friendly to fountain pen, pencil and watercolour brush and what looks like a gel pen.

Comparison of writing with different pens on notebook paper

I did a quick writing test and there is no feathering or bleedthrough from the fountain pens. There is only a tiny bit of bleedthrough from the Pilot Juice 0.7mm gel pen. I feel the colours also look better on footnotes’ paper. I will do more writing samples in this notebook so look out for those in the future.

The notebooks are available from Labrador Publishing House and CityLuxe. Besides notebooks, Labrador Publishing House also sell books, art prints and cards on their website.

Sticker from Pastel & Pines

Sunfish sticker from Pastel & Pines

This is not a notebook but I bought it at around the same time from Tokyu Hands so I’m adding it in.

Tan Yiling is the Singapore-based illustrator and designer behind Pastel & Pines. I love her sea creatures stickers which are based on her watercolour illustrations. They are so pretty that it’s hard to just buy one. I stood for a long time at the display, choosing which one to buy. Well, you know which one won.

You can see her illustrations on her website and buy the stickers from her etsy shop.

Disclaimer: The items were purchased by me and all opinions/photos are my own. This post was not sponsored.





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