Schedule changes and new papers

Changes to posting schedule

The posting frequency will be increased to three posts a week starting next week. New posts will appear every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I’m also going to try to post a writing sample of a new ink (new as in the ink hadn’t appeared on this site before, not newly launched) every Saturday.

It’s hard for me to estimate the extra time and effort needed. So I want to give it a try and see if three posts a week is something that I can maintain over the long run.

New papers

I will be adding new papers for writing samples. They will not appear immediately but they will appear eventually.

  • Clairefontaine Triomphe
  • Labrador footnotes
  • Life Schöpfer
  • Maruman Mnemosyne
  • Midori MD Cotton
  • Muji Planting Tree
  • Tomoe River
  • Tsubame
  • Yamamoto Ro-Biki





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