Diamine Aurora Borealis on Tomoegawa Tomoe River


Diamine Aurora Borealis is a colour was chosen by the members of Reddit’s fountain pen community (/r/fountainpens). This was the second ink that Diamine created for them.

The ink is a teal colour with an average flow, some shading and very little sheen. On Tomoe River paper, there is a bit of sheen but only if you look closely. There is no feathering or bleedthrough.

Writing Sample

This is written with a TWSBI ECO-T medium nib.

Very little sheen

Below are a couple of photos of how it looks when it is written on both sides of the paper. (This is a new thing that I’m trying out. Depending on how much time and effort it takes, I may or may not continue with it.)

Disclaimer: This ink was purchased by me and all opinions/photos are my own. This post was not sponsored.



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