Birmingham Pen Company Life

Birmingham Mountain Laurel on Life Schöpfer


Birmingham Pen Company is a small family-run business that makes fountain pens and fountain pen inks. While the company started with fountain pens, it seemed their focus is now on inks.

Mountain Laurel is part of the Crisp Formula collection where the inks were designed to work well on a variety of papers. This ink is a very pale dusky pink when wet and dries to a slightly darker shade. I believed the colour was inspired by the mountain laurel flowers which ranges from white to pink. In wet nibs, you might notice a halo, which looks like a dark green thin outline, around the strokes.

The ink has an average flow. There is shading and no sheen. On Schöpfer, I didn’t notice any feathering or bleedthrough.

Writing Sample

This is written with a TWSBI ECO-T medium nib.

Below are a couple of photos of how it looks when it is written on both sides of the paper.

Disclaimer: This ink was purchased by me and all opinions/photos are my own. This post was not sponsored.

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