Juspirit Paper

Juspirit is a stationery shop in Taiwan and sells its own store-brand paper. On Juspirit’s website it is simply called Juspirit Paper (the Chinese characters translates as Juspirit Practice Paper). It is sold in a pack of 50 loose sheets and you can get it in A4 or A5 sizes in plain, grid or dot grid format. The lined format is only available in A5 size.

I bought a pack in A4 size some time ago and cut them up into half for writing samples. If you notice any jagged edges, it’s the fault of my cutting skills, not Juspirit’s.

Juspirit practice paper has a textured surface and a crisp feel. I can see vertical markings running along the length of the paper.

I tried writing on it with two fountain pens and one gel pen to get a quick sense of what this paper is like. It seems to hold up well to fountain pen use and I did not see any feathering or bleedthrough. However, not everyone will like the highly textured feel. I will add this paper to writing samples in the future.

Diamine Louise with medium steel nib

Shading, no sheen, no feathering
The back shows no bleedthrough

Diamine Aurora Borealis with broad steel nib

Shading, no sheen and no feathering
The back shows no bleedthrough

Pilot Juice 0.7

No bleedthrough either

Disclaimer: This paper was purchased by me and all opinions/photos are my own. This post was not sponsored.






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