My fountain pen drawings in 2021

A lookback at what I drew using fountain pens last year. It felt that I drew way less in 2021 compared to 2020. Most of last year is trying to cope with the changes in both my personal and work life so perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

Below are the drawings I did in 2021, with additional comments below.

The Pilot Kakuno had became my office pen. Looking at this photo reminded me that I need to use it in more drawings.

This drawing was mainly to test the ink, what it would look like when I shaded large areas. The shading looks different from other inks I’ve tried, giving it a unique textured look. I think it worked well here to invoke the look of wool.

I found the overlapping stairs confusing to look at so I tried to shade them in an attempt to make it less confusing for the eye. Did it work? Maybe a little. But I still think this is a picture that would work better in colours than monotone.

I had fun playing with the fude nib in the first half of 2021. I tried writing with it but didn’t like how it made my handwriting looked. So I’ve mainly used it for drawing.

I drew less in 2021 so the fude nib remained unused for long periods. I eventually cleaned it out and now it is sitting empty. Perhaps I will ink it up again this year.

Another shopfront drawing but this turned out more cartoonish.

When I tried to write with it, I found the ink was too light to read. So I tried drawing with it to see if large patches of colour and going over the same lines multiple times would make it easier to see.

This a case of where the colour inspired the drawing.

I took a break from testing new inks in December so I had a bit more time to draw. Usually I don’t think of shadows when I draw so I decided to make them a prominent feature. This exercise went quite well so I was inspired to draw more.

Continuing with the light and shadows theme. It was fun thinking of how to incorporate shadows into the drawing.





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