Ink Omakase: May 2022

For some months, I have been refilling my friends’ fountain pens with inks from my growing collection. They leave it up to me to decide what ink to put in the pens. Each time they get the pens back, it’s a surprise.

“It’s an ink omakasae,” they say.

Doing this serves several purposes. One, it helps to ensure the inks are used. Two, it keeps my friends interested in using their fountain pens. It is fun for me and fun for them. Win-win.

This month, I’ve filled up a total of 3 pens for a friend.

Ink Omakase #1

This friend is open to all colours. The only condition they asked for is no yellow ink. They use their pens to take notes at work so readability is the most important criteria. Occasionally, I will throw in some bright colours (but still easily readable) to spark some joy in a dreary work day.

Ferris Wheel Press Pink Eraser in Jinhao X450. The dry ink and wet writer is a good pairing. Friend says this is a good colour for waking them up or for unleashing their angst at work.

Monteverde Garnet in Platinum Preppy Purple

Van Dieman’s Blackened Seas in Platinum Preppy Blue





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