The little dröm store notebook

While browsing in Isetan, I came across a display featuring products from the little dröm store. They created many Singapore-themed designs for things ranging from stickers to plates. Among them, I spotted some notebooks with Singaporean sayings on the cover. They were really cute and I couldn’t help buying one, even though I didn’t need more notebooks.

The notebook I bought featured the saying “Blur Like Sotong” and a picture of a bug-eyed squid (sotong is a Malay word for squid) on the cover. At the bottom was a box with the words “For the…” which changes to match the Singlish phrase on the cover.

The back cover has their tagline in the center and at the bottom is information on where you can find them on the web.

The notebook costs S$6.90 and contains 32 blank sheets (64 pages). It is 11.5 x 17 cm, making it slightly smaller than B6. The cover is made of smooth cardstock and the inside pages are made of a cream-coloured, soft and textured paper.

I tried writing on the paper with gel pen and fountain pens. I didn’t try writing with a ballpoint because ballpoint works on all papers.

There was feathering and bleedthrough in all nib sizes from Fine to 1.4 stub. The gel pen was fine so I would stick to using ballpoint and gel with this notebook.






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