My fountain pen drawings in 2022

A lookback at what I drew using fountain pens last year.

I believed that creation and consumption are two sides of the same coin. Last year, I spent more time consuming than creating. I rediscovered my love for manga, and from there, I started watching anime and reading light novels. As a result of spending more time doing other stuff, I don’t draw as much. But it’s okay, the time spent consuming is not wasted. All these that I’ve consumed are now a part of me. Within my subconscious, they are slowly changing, dividing, merging, lying dormant until the right time to emerge as part of the process of creating.

2022 Drawings

Below are the drawings I did in 2022, with additional comments below.

I started this in 2021 but didn’t complete it until the start of 2022. I wanted to convey a feeling of quietness when one slowly walks through a bamboo grove.

It’s been a while so I decided to ink up the fude nib pen to practise using it. I wanted to draw some cute round birds but couldn’t make up my mind on the style of cuteness so they all ended up looking slightly different. My favourite is the sleeping one on the branch. What’s yours?

As I looked at this lovely orange colour, I thought of an orange which then leads me to remembering about a video of a capybara in a hot spring with a orange on its head. I wanted draw the cute capybara and decided to give him some friends, all with food on their heads.

Travel Sketches

I finally got to travel this year. Because I haven’t been drawing much, I decided to try sketching when I’m overseas. It’s the first time I’m drawing on the spot so I kept it simple: one pen, one colour and one book. My drawing speed is slow so they are mostly of cafes where I feel comfortable lingering for a while.

This is the first of my travel sketches I spent too long on it and had to rush to the boarding gate. But it gave me the confidence that “hey, maybe this is doable for me”.

I was quite intimidated by the different foliage in the garden but I’m happy with how it turned out.

This is the second drawing I did within the same day but I was feeling tired and didn’t do a good job. Probably best to keep it to one drawing a day.

Now I can’t unsee the too-small-hole in the drawing.

Quite happy with how this turned out. Probably my favourite drawing for this trip.

Drawing the tiled floor gave me a headache but without it, the picture looks incomplete. This is one of those times I wish Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V works in real life.

Thankful for the fude nib which makes it easy to draw the patterns of the tablecloth. Didn’t like how the flooring turned out, the tiles are much neater in real life.

On hindsight, I should have made the counter in the back darker.

I was just resting on one of the seats in the mall and suddenly it struck me that I could draw the interior of a mall for a change. I didn’t bother to find a scenic spot and just drew from where I was sitting.






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