Kakimori MD paper Midori

Kakimori #01 Po on Midori MD

Ink Kakimori is the name of a stationery store in Tokyo. In late 2021, they released a line of pigment inks with names inspired by Japanese onomatopoeia. They are housed in cute round glass bottles meant to evoke the shape of a water droplet on a flat surface. Each ink has a brief writeup that […]


Ink List

Birmingham Pen Company Birmingham Pen Company is a small family-run business that makes fountain pens and inks. They are based in Pennsylvania, USA. Boysenberry Chrysan Themum Glassmith Independence Grey Mountain Laurel Salt Water Taffy Sweetheart Color Traveler Color Traveler is a brand of Tayama Bungu, which has been in the stationery business in Hiroshima, Japan […]