MD paper Midori Van Dieman's

Van Dieman’s Deciduous Beech on Midori MD

Ink Deciduous Beech is part of the Tassie Seasons collection and this is one of the autumn colours. The ink is a bright orange with an average to wet flow. On Midori MD paper, Writing Sample This was written with a TWSBI ECO-T medium nib. Below is how it looks when it was written on […]


Ink List

Birmingham Pen Company Birmingham Pen Company is a small family-run business that makes fountain pens and inks. They are based in Pennsylvania, USA. Color Traveler Color Traveler is a brand of Tayama Bungu, which has been in the stationery business in Hiroshima, Japan for over 115 years. Cult Pens Cult Pens is a stationery retailer […]