MD paper Midori Van Dieman's

Van Dieman’s Tassie Salmon on Midori MD

Ink Tassie Salmon is part of the Tassie Seasons collection. It represents summer. Tassie Salmon is a pale pink with a tinge of orange. I find the colour too light for my liking. It has an average flow. On Midori MD paper, Shading: Yes Sheen: Nil Feathering: Nil Bleedthrough: Nil Writing Sample This was written […]


Ink List

Birmingham Pen Company Birmingham Pen Company is a small family-run business that makes fountain pens and inks. They are based in Pennsylvania, USA. Color Traveler Color Traveler is a brand of Tayama Bungu, which has been in the stationery business in Hiroshima, Japan for over 115 years. Cult Pens Cult Pens is a stationery retailer […]