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  • My fountain pen drawings in 2022

    My fountain pen drawings in 2022

    A lookback at what I drew using fountain pens last year. I believed that creation and consumption are two sides of the same coin. Last year, I spent more time consuming than creating. I rediscovered my love for manga, and from there, I started watching anime and reading light novels. As a result of spending […]

  • December 2022 holiday break

    December 2022 holiday break

    It’s the last month of the year and same as last year, I’ll be taking a holiday break. I have scheduled some posts but I won’t be trying out any new inks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who liked, commented, followed or shared my posts. Knowing that someone out there […]

  • Ink Omakase: November 2022

    Ink Omakase: November 2022

    This month I refilled a total of 7 pens but not all are fountain pens. Ink Omakase #4 A friend bought a pack of Kuretake Karappo empty felt tip pens and asked me to fill them with ink. For the colours, they asked for a blue with sheen and a dark green. The other three […]

  • Lennon Tool Bar Egret Paper

    Lennon Tool Bar Egret Paper

    I was curious when Lennon Tool Bar launched their Egret paper last year and bought a pack to try. The papers are 65gsm, plain white in colour and available in A4 or A5 sizes. At first the Egret paper is only available in a pack of loose papers but now you can also get the […]

  • The little dröm store notebook

    The little dröm store notebook

    While browsing in Isetan, I came across a display featuring products from the little dröm store. They created many Singapore-themed designs for things ranging from stickers to plates. Among them, I spotted some notebooks with Singaporean sayings on the cover. They were really cute and I couldn’t help buying one, even though I didn’t need […]

  • Ink Omakase: August 2022

    Ink Omakase: August 2022

    Not much writing was done and no pens ran dry. The only pen that needed filling was a new purchase. Ink Omakase #3 My friend bought a new Lamy Safari fountain pen and asked me to fill it. It was the cream half of the 2022 special edition strawberry and cream. For the pen’s first […]

  • Short holiday break

    Short holiday break

    I’m taking a short holiday so there is no new ink writing sample today. In place of it, please enjoy this photo of an adorable puppy.

  • Ink Omakase: June 2022

    Ink Omakase: June 2022

    This month, I’ve filled up a total of 3 pens for a friend: Ink Omakase #2 “Surprise me,” they said. This friend likes colours that are dark or greyish or muted. This is the first time I’m refilling their pens so I gave them colours that fit into one of the above criteria. Van Dieman’s […]

  • Second Year Anniversary

    Second Year Anniversary

    I started this blog about a month after I started using fountain pens. So I decided to combine both anniversaries into one post. Blog statistics I wrote a total of 220 posts and tried out 66 inks since I started the blog in 2020. Last year, I tried posting on a regular schedule and wrote […]

  • Ink Omakase: May 2022

    Ink Omakase: May 2022

    For some months, I have been refilling my friends’ fountain pens with inks from my growing collection. They leave it up to me to decide what ink to put in the pens. Each time they get the pens back, it’s a surprise. “It’s an ink omakasae,” they say. Doing this serves several purposes. One, it […]