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  • Lennon Tool Bar Nahu on Footnotes

    Lennon Tool Bar Nahu on Footnotes

    Ink Nahu is an ink from Lennon Tool Bar’s Indigo Series. During the Edo bakufu (also known as Tokugawa shogunate or Edo shogunate), a period of feudal military government in Japan from 1603 to 1868, colours were regulated. Specific colours were reserved for specific groups of people, allowing easy identification. Nahu is a colour reserved […]

  • Diamine Autumn Oak on Footnotes

    Diamine Autumn Oak on Footnotes

    Ink Diamine Autumn Oak is an orange ink with an average flow. Due to shading, this ink can look light to dark with a bit of brown. I can see why so many people love this ink. On footnotes paper, Shading: Yes Sheen: Nil Feathering: Nil Bleedthrough: Nil Writing Sample This was written with a […]